UScellular™ 5G is business without limits.

Every generation of mobile technology has changed the world we live and work in: 2G gave us text messaging; 3G gave us mobile access to the internet. 4G made it all work faster. But 5G goes further. It’s technology that operates on a new spectrum to bring businesses and government organizations the connectivity, reliability, security and speed we could only dream about before.

But not all 5G is created equal…

We are building UScellular 5G to help you move beyond limits. Unlike some other carriers, we’re using a spectrum that isn’t blocked by walls and barriers, so you can do business uninterrupted from the city to the countryside and from the front office to the shop floor. Connect thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to unlock new insights. Collaborate like there is no screen. Download and share documents, videos and data nearly instantly. Imagine augmented reality and artificial intelligence applications. All backed by the support of local business experts who can help you bring it all to life.

The UScellular 5G difference

Our 5G approach leverages low-band frequencies for more coverage. 5G also enables thousands more IoT connections than 4G, giving you proactive control of factors you could only react to before.

What to expect from 5G

5G technology is growing and evolving every day. It will deliver the connectivity that allows businesses and government organizations to do what they need right now. And it will make possible innovations that have yet to be imagined.


Connect thousands of sensors, cameras and other IoT devices without slowing the network, to collect powerful insight effortlessly.

5G will enable businesses to monitor more variables in more facilities with no perceptible lag time. In the city, municipalities can use sensors to direct traffic all over town. In rural areas, farms can monitor everything from livestock to soil, irrigation and storage tanks without connectivity worries.


Keep data safe in your own private slice of the network, isolated from the rest and customized for what you need.

For industries like home healthcare, 5G private networks provide data encryption to support security requirements. That privacy also allows municipalities to more easily protect water and power supply system controls from cyberattack. And first responders can keep mission-critical data safer with advanced security features.


UScellular’s 5G goes through walls and across miles to help you stay connected where you do business.

It’s technology that allows seamless connectivity. For mobile workforces to maintain productivity, for educators to offer remote learning experiences, and for first responders to deliver aid with uninterrupted transfer of information. No matter if you’re inside or out, in the city or in the countryside.


Increase the wireless speed you’re used to by up to six times. Stream, perform diagnostics, share data — do everything — faster.

Imagine the possibilities: Mission-critical video can be viewed in real time. Documents, blueprints and user manuals can be shared instantly. And without perceptible lag time, a new world of applications like autonomous vehicles and expanded smart city functionality can become a reality.


UScellular 5G also provides personalized support, with local Business Solutions Experts to help you navigate the 5G landscape and make the most of new technologies and solutions.

Ready to move your business beyond limits?

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