Three Critical Factors in Delivering Your Best Response

Every day brings something different for your team of first responders. You may face an emergency that requires a fast-paced response, or a day made unusually busy by non-emergency calls. Regardless, communication remains a top priority. So your communication solutions have to be flexible enough to handle it all.

Your data priority solution, network and data plan could impact nearly every aspect of your job, everywhere you do it. No matter what the day holds, making informed decisions about these three important factors can give you the flexibility to do your job more safely and efficiently.

Stay connected during heavy network traffic

Everyday events like festivals and concerts draw on precious bandwidth. When network data traffic is unusually heavy, Data Priority for First Responders pulls your data to the front of the line so you can stay connected. During emergencies such as natural disasters, when capacity may be limited, your mission-critical data preempts other traffic so you get reliable quality of service when it matters most.

Find a network that serves first responders

With most U.S. counties comprised of both urban and rural areas, your everyday needs require a reliable, widespread network that keeps you connected no matter where your responses take you. For emergencies, choosing a network with pre-staging restoral resources gives you a strong plan A so you know the network is prepared to support you before a disaster strikes. A network that also offers overlapping coverage, redundant routing and backup power serves as your plan B to keep communications up and running.

Get a plan without limits

Day-to-day tasks and emergencies alike deserve your full attention, without the worry of data overages. Built for first responders, an unlimited data plan gives your team the data they need when they need it. During an emergency when your devices are working overtime, your team can remain laser-focused on the mission instead of worrying about expensive overage bills after the fact.

Public safety solutions for every day, for anywhere

Thankfully, not every day includes a major disaster. Some days may not even include lights and sirens. But public safety solutions can make any day more manageable.

  • 381 million mobile connections were made in the U.S. in 2019.1 Data priority puts your connection first.
  • Over 75% of U.S. counties include a mix of urban and rural areas.2 The right network can keep you connected where you respond.
  • Cellular data usage has risen 25% in the last year.3 Unlimited data plans mean you don’t have to worry about your team’s data usage.

Be prepared for whatever the day has in store for you — with reliable network coverage, data priority and unlimited data plans that help you deliver your best response.


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