Put Driver Safety First With Fleet Management

Your drivers are getting to and from job sites, but what’s happening in between? Distracted driving, hard braking, sudden acceleration and speeding are dangerous habits that are also costly — often causing undue wear and tear on your fleet. And then there’s seat belt use. How can you be sure your drivers are using them each and every time they get behind the wheel?

Help ensure your drivers are safe, while maximizing the life of your fleet, with fleet management features that give you and your drivers the objective visibility you need to make improvements.

Gain visibility and promote safety

Fleet management solutions give you detailed reporting on the safety of your entire fleet. Small plug-and-play devices inside each of your vehicles collect valuable data points and deliver them back to you in the form of alerts and reports. This insight helps you detect dangerous habits such as hard braking, speeding, sudden acceleration, or phone usage while driving. And with seat belt usage monitoring, you’ll know for certain that drivers are buckling up.

Empower drivers

Knowing how your drivers perform on the road is important. But even more important is giving your drivers the ability to get instant feedback on their own habits. With individual reporting, drivers can see their own personal scorecards — and that’s often all the motivation they need to self-correct dangerous habits. Drivers can also be rewarded for maintaining safe habits or for making improvements over time, leading to increased employee morale.

Reduce wear and tear

By promoting safe and efficient driver habits, you’ll be able to reduce many of the stressors that are keeping you up at night. In the process, you’ll also be reducing strain on your fleet that causes unnecessary wear and tear. As hard braking and sudden accelerations decrease, so will wear on the brakes and engine parts. Changes in driving habits may also lead to fuel savings. In the long run, safer driving habits help you extend vehicle life and add back to your bottom line.

Make safety a priority

Safety matters for your entire fleet. Fleet management solutions provide easy-to-use tools to help you protect your drivers, your vehicles and your peace of mind.

  • Safety is one of the top 3 concerns mentioned by fleet managers in a recent survey.1
  • When drivers get instant feedback, their risk of being involved in an accident goes down by 1/3.2

With fleet management, you can develop a culture of safety for your drivers while monitoring everything at a glance.


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