Protect Your Business With a Failover Internet Solution


The majority of businesses don’t have a plan for one of the most crucial things needed for day-to-day operations — internet service. A failover internet solution from UScellular™ provides a fast, reliable backup for businesses — including remote professional installation and ongoing support. It’s a failsafe that instantly switches to the UScellular connection when your primary internet source fails.

Maintaining a failover internet solution shouldn’t be an overwhelming process. That’s why businesses will benefit from a fully managed connectivity failover solution, from setup support to assistance at a moment’s notice. With a reliable failover internet solution, your business can always be ready to do business.

UScellular Failover Internet Solution Advantages


Affordable Protection

Keep your critical business applications protected against cyberattacks and disruptions for less than $2 a day.

Fast & Reliable Installation

Get fast and reliable installation support.

Guaranteed Support

Our service is guaranteed to provide professional ongoing support when complications arise.



It’s never been easier to protect your business.

A company with 100 employees can lose up to $151K annually due to ISP outages — the single largest source of downtime cost.1


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