Overcome Mobile Security Threats With Mobile Device Management

You’ve heard about businesses losing their data, and the hit their reputation takes from losing sensitive customer information. The thought that it could happen to you anytime a device gets lost, or a virus finds a way into your system, isn’t comforting. Neither is thinking about the price tag that comes with recovering from a breach. Making a plan to safeguard against malicious attacks or device loss is important, but where do you start?

With easy implementation and real-time views of your entire mobile environment, mobile device management (MDM) makes it simple to protect, monitor and manage all your devices in the field.

Protect sensitive data

With MDM, you can remotely lock or wipe devices instantly if they go missing or get stolen — allowing you to safeguard sensitive customer data like e-mail and physical addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers. Encryption allows secure data transfers over wireless networks and safe file sharing, so you can confidently collaborate with your team. And if malware, hacking or illicit data transfers do threaten your security, you’ll receive a text alert the moment it happens, so you can take action right away.

Minimize losses

Data breaches are incredibly expensive, threatening not only your financial stability but also your brand. With MDM, you’ll have security measures in place to avoid costly and embarrassing data breaches. And if you choose to implement cost-saving programs such as “bring your own device” (BYOD), you can be confident your data is secure with privacy settings that keep work separate from personal data.

Simplify device management

MDM is an easy-to-implement solution that comes with the support you need, so you don’t have to be a tech guru to start solving the everyday problems that can cost you time and money. Forgotten passwords, which may have caused productivity loss in the past, are easily solved with remote resets. Regular system maintenance is simplified by pushing updates to all devices simultaneously. And automatic reporting lets you make sure each device stays within its data usage limits, so you don’t incur overages.

Device and data loss is expensive

You can’t prevent every unforeseen situation. But MDM solutions can help you control what happens afterward, giving you an easy, instant way to protect your business from the costly consequences.

  • 70 million cellphones are lost each year.1
  • The average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million.2

With MDM, you can have peace of mind knowing your customer data and your company’s well-being are safe and secure.


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