Improve Productivity and Customer Experience With Cloud-based Communications

Your customers count on being able to reach you and your employees no matter what. But in order to manage jobs in the field, you’ve got to leave your desk. Which means you could be missing customer calls. That can leave you playing catch-up with voice mail, returning calls at all hours, and potentially risking the loss of customers and revenue.

Balancing customer expectations with your daily tasks is always a challenge. Cloud-based communications can help you manage it all, keeping you connected while boosting your productivity and taking your service to the next level.

Stay connected to customers

Cloud-based communications connect all your devices so you’re always reachable no matter where business takes you. Whether you’re on the road or in a meeting, your calls can be automatically routed from your desk phone to your wireless phone, or the appropriate person, so no call goes unattended.

Improve customer satisfaction

Cloud-based communications deliver a variety of features to help you improve customer service and satisfaction. Voice mail transcribed to text and e-mail, plus paperless e-faxing capabilities, allow you to receive messages anywhere and reply faster than if you had to wait to get back to the office. Outbound caller ID lets you return calls from your Smartphone while displaying your office phone number, providing privacy for you and delivering continuity for your customers. And if you aren’t able to answer the phone directly, cloud-based communications allow callers to self-direct to the right person with auto-attendant interactive voice response (IVR), so customers get the same level of service each time they call.

Maximize the workday

With the ability to work from anywhere, you maximize your working hours and get more done. Collaboration features such as video conferencing with screen-sharing and annotation capabilities make it easier for your team to work together, helping them solve problems faster while increasing productivity.

Investing in communications delivers results

Research shows that the features of cloud-based communications have a major positive impact on customers and employees — an impact that could potentially boost your bottom line.

  • Cloud-based communications improve customer access to reps, increasing satisfaction and loyalty by up to 42%.1
  • 93% of employees report increased productivity as a result of unified communications.2

Transform your business phone system into a productive communication tool that works for you.


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