Hasheider Roofing Makes a Fleet Management Switch That Pays Off

Hasheider Roofing & Siding Ltd., a field service roofing and siding company in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin, was founded in 1973 to handle repairs and custom fabrications for customers in Madison and surrounding rural areas. With a fleet of 16 service trucks and 25 employees, effective fleet management is a top priority for the company president, Brad Hasheider. Years ago, Hasheider had turned to a fleet management solution to help him keep track of it all. While this solution was getting the job done, it had some distinct downsides—not the least of which was the high cost and lack of customer support. When it was time to look for a better fleet management solution, Brad knew just where to start.

From bag phones to fleet management
Like many long-established businesses, Hasheider Roofing began their mobile device journey with bag phones—a one-time staple for field service teams, particularly in rural areas. As the company grew, Hasheider turned to UScellular™ for Smartphones and business phone service. He cited UScellular’s great customer support and reliable network coverage—benefits that had already made him a loyal customer for over 25 years—as the primary reasons for the choice. As the company grew and added more drivers and trucks, it became increasingly difficult to manage the larger fleet and increased workload. Hasheider was discovering what many in his industry find: that tracking employee time on and off the job isn’t easy. “In construction, it’s really hard to track people,” he explained. “It’s not like an office where you come to the shop and you stick your card in a time clock. Guys get in their truck and they drive to a job. When you’re doing a lot of work on a tight schedule, it’s not easy to remember the time you got there down to the minute.”

So the company took the next step on its mobile journey, implementing a fleet management solution to help keep track of its trucks and drivers. But the solution was costly and complex.

Reliable coverage and great customer service make switching an easy choice

With his fleet and workforce continuing to grow, Hasheider decided to reevaluate their existing fleet management solution. Building off his prior experience and trust, he again turned to UScellular to help him find a more cost-effective and efficient way to manage company drivers and vehicles. “We needed a solution that fit our needs and the transition from one system to the next to be as effortless as possible,” Hasheider said.

His local UScellular rep introduced him to GPS Trackit, a UScellular business solution partner, who set up an in-depth demonstration of the fleet management solution. This provided Hasheider’s team with ample opportunity to see the solution in action and to get answers to all their questions. GPS Trackit went the extra mile by allowing Hasheider to install a tracking unit in one of his trucks to see what it could do and how it would perform in the field.

After the successful system test drive, Hasheider felt confident in his decision to switch to UScellular for fleet management. The knowledgeable support team and UScellular’s reliable network only increased Hasheider’s feeling that his fleet and drivers would be in good hands.


UScellular has the best coverage of all the other competitors I’ve seen. We live in a rural area, and UScellular concentrates on those areas, where some others don’t. The other carriers all cover the main road, but you get west of there out in the hilly country—UScellular has pretty much got it covered,
— Brad Hasheider

A better-fit solution that’s easy to implement and costs less
From day one, their new fleet management solution proved much more cost-effective and easy to implement. The new tracking units were about one-third of the price of their old ones and were also smaller, less noticeable and infinitely easier to install.

“Installation took all of about 30 seconds,” Hasheider said. “It’s just plug-and-play. You don’t have to wait for a guy to come out and have all your trucks there so he can hardwire them in.” Trucks could be added one at a time, and units could be easily switched to another vehicle without reprogramming. Even drivers who didn’t previously own a Smartphone were able to easily navigate the new system and begin using it like pros.

The results: time, resources and thousands of dollars saved
With their new fleet management system in place, Hasheider began seeing surprising improvements across the board in his business, including:

  • Greater time card accuracy
  • Reduced payroll administration time
  • Improved driving habits
  • Flexible vehicle-sharing capabilities
  • Preset maintenance alerts
  • Enhanced driver safety
  • Streamlined dispatching
  • Easier profitability analysis

Staff, management and customers give the new solution a thumbs-up

Equipped with their new fleet management system, Hasheider Roofing is now able to turn data into actionable insights. About his drivers, Brad Hasheider said, “They were leery at first—thinking we were just not trusting them and tracking them. Now they’ve learned that it’s a great help for everybody.”

The system has also helped improve customer service and communication. If the customer needs a detailed account of the time spent, Hasheider can provide it. It also helps when customers call to check on the timing of service calls. “When customers call and say, ‘I took off work for this appointment; when are you getting here?’ we can look and immediately tell them our guy is six blocks away. It used to be, we’d have to try to call them on their cell phone and then call the customer back. Now it’s instant,” said Hasheider.

Hasheider sums up the advantages this way: “I don’t know why any business that has field people running around wouldn’t have it. Or even salespeople just driving around. Just to know where they are when a customer calls to ask.” In fact, fleet management from UScellular is working so well, Hasheider plans to add three more vehicles to the system.

Next on the horizon

Hasheider Roofing initially wanted to switch fleet management solutions to get lower costs and better customer service from their provider. UScellular is helping the company find even more bottom-line benefits that are improving how it does business. As Brad Hasheider and his team look to the future, their fleet management technology will continue to help them operate more efficiently, improve productivity and better serve their customer base

When customers call and say, ‘I took off work for this appointment; when are you getting here?’ we can look immediately tell them our guy is six blocks away. It used to be, we’d have to try to call them on their cell phone and then call the customer back. Now it’s instant.
— Brad Hasheider


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