More visibility. Better results.

Fleet management helps you deliver on your organization’s goals.

Managing your fleet and your mobile workforce means trying to manage things you may not always have control over or knowledge of. You work hard to keep up, but each new vehicle, driver and delivery comes with its own paperwork, maintenance and compliance challenges.

For field service organizations — such as plumbing, HVAC and landscaping companies — that manage mobile workforces, fleet management solutions are making life easier for managers and improving service for customers. In fact, 98% of fleet management users say the solutions have helped them.1 No surprise, then, that the market share of wired vehicle tracking (sensors hard-wired into vehicles) is on track to surpass 92% by 2024.2 Why? It’s what the solutions deliver.

44% of fleet management users see improved customer service.3

Get the insight you need and the results you want.

Put an easy-to-install device no bigger than a deck of cards on your fleet vehicles, and use the reliable UScellular™ network to receive the data. Now you know where your drivers are, how they’re driving and how soon the next maintenance is due. You’ve got a way to avoid downtime, keep your drivers on schedule and reduce your own stress at the same time.

Armed with that knowledge, you have more control over customer service, fleet-related expenses and driver safety. And that’s just the start.

Fleet management can reduce equipment downtime by up to 25%4

Where do you need greater visibility?

Wherever it is, fleet management can deliver your solution.

Fuel costs

Route optimization and data reporting show you how to reduce each vehicle’s turns, stops and idle time, lowering fuel consumption — and fuel costs.


Preventive maintenance reminders help you keep emergency repairs to a minimum, and engine warning light alerts let you handle small issues before they become bigger.


Route optimization and GPS location help you get to scheduled calls faster and handle new calls more efficiently.

Driver safety

Get alerts for unsafe habits, and reduce distracted driving by presetting the shutdown of certain Smartphone features while vehicles are in motion.

Cargo conditions

Temperature sensors send you instant alerts when onboard conditions go above or below the limits you set.


Mobile timekeeping slashes paperwork while making time-tracking more accurate — and payroll and invoicing less time-consuming.


Route optimization makes each trip more efficient — letting drivers do more in less time, so you can do more work with the drivers you have.

Driving hours

Electronic logging automatically records when drivers are on the road. This feature supports compliance with hours of service (HOS) mandates.

Vehicle location

Geo-fencing instantly lets you know if a vehicle leaves a designated area, and onboard cameras stream the video footage in real time.

Customer satisfaction

On-time deliveries, faster dispatch and instant updates can lead to happier customers and positive word of mouth.


Easy-to-understand dashboards and automatic reporting put insight at your fingertips.

Fleet management solutions give you knowledge and control.

The UScellular network gives you reliability with locally based support from business solutions experts in your own community.


Put UScellular’s reliability and expertise to work for your organization.

A reliable network

UScellular keeps your drivers and staff connected where they live and work — from the city to the countryside. We’re also building the 5G network of tomorrow, which can provide connections six times faster than what you’re used to now and is strong enough to keep you connected where your routes take you.

A focus on fleet management

Mobile technology is changing the way organizations of all sizes with fleets do business by giving companies the knowledge and control to run more efficiently. Choosing a partner with deep fleet management experience, local technology experts and the right network can help you get the greatest value out of emerging wireless technologies.

Over 50% of managers for small- to medium-sized fleets believe the use of fleet management systems will become standard practice within three years.5

Learn more.

To see how UScellular can help your company, visit Or call 866-616-5587 and one of our local technology experts can help you design a customized solution that’s right for your organization.


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