Dave Jones Inc. leverages fleet management technology with reliable network coverage to reduce costs and improve efficiency

Dave Jones Inc. has been delivering plumbing, heating, cooling, fire protection and electrical services to Madison, Wisconsin, and its surrounding areas since 1977. As a rapidly growing specialty contractor, Dave Jones Inc. has always kept technology at the forefront of its operations and prioritizes forward thinking as one of its core values. Today, the company’s fleet of service vehicles is just over 200, and it has 650+ smart devices.

With a growing fleet, Dave Jones Inc. realized the importance of a fleet management solution early on. When IT Manager Brian Mangan came on board, the company had already invested in a solution to keep track of its large fleet of vehicles. But the cost of service continued to increase, and the vendor’s customer support wasn’t meeting the company’s needs. Dave Jones Inc. strives to maintain a high level of excellence with a customer-focused approach — so between the high price tag and declining customer service, Mangan and his team started their search for another solution.

“There have been a number of companies that have tried to approach us with comparable service, but no one has been able to match the quality of UScellular’s coverage.” — Brian Mangan, IT Manager, Dave Jones Inc.

Growing challenges prompt necessary changes

Dave Jones Inc. focused on solving its challenges by prioritizing service and cost — a replacement solution would have to offer exceptional support at an affordable price. Another priority when transitioning to a new provider was functionality. Dave Jones Inc. didn’t want to compromise on features, especially when it came to vehicle tracking. When maintenance was required, locating vehicles in the field had proven to be a key component that helped save time and money, so keeping this capability was important to the company.

Dave Jones Inc. also had IT requirements. “We really looked for something that was going to be easy to administer, easy to set up and easy to train people on,” Mangan says. It was a tall order, but Mangan and the team at Dave Jones Inc. found that UScellular’s fleet management solution ticked all of the boxes on the list.

Existing solution challenges:
• Declining customer service quality
• High cost

Replacement solution requirements:
• Exceptional customer support
• Broad feature set, including vehicle tracking
• Cost-effectiveness
• Easy setup and implementation

Easy implementation

Solution: Expert-level customer support
Mangan and his team were more than pleased with the fleet management tool from UScellular™. The solution was easy to implement, with expert-level customer service available. Mangan says, “The service has been outstanding in terms of response times as well as the level of expertise offered when addressing any issues. The support team has been incredibly responsive anytime we’ve needed some help.”

Result: Quick implementation with minimal downtime
With support available around the clock, Mangan and his team were able to get the help they needed when they needed it. This allowed for a quick implementation and, subsequently, the ability to train the team on the day-to-day use of the system with little impact on productivity.

Locate vehicles instantly

Solution: GPS vehicle tracking
One of the favorite and most used features of the new fleet management solution is its vehicle tracking capability. The system offers Dave Jones Inc. a bird’s eye view of all of its vehicles at a glance. Mangan says, “Finding a vehicle is as easy as logging in to the web application — our team knows where all their vehicles are within seconds.”

Result: Efficient dispatching to complete more jobs and streamline maintenance
The vehicle tracking feature gives the team at Dave Jones Inc. the ability to dispatch the closest vehicle when they receive new job requests, or when another field service technician needs to track down shared equipment to complete a job — allowing the company to get more work done.

Reliable communications under one roof

Solution: Fleet management combined with widespread network coverage
Dave Jones Inc. recently rolled out an additional 400 devices to keep its team connected in the field. So along with fleet management powered by UScellular’s network, Dave Jones Inc. was able to provide its field services staff with reliable network coverage for its 650+ smart devices.

Result: Dependable network service plus ease of management
Dave Jones Inc. depends on UScellular’s network to stay connected no matter where field workers need to travel for jobs. “We’re able to reach our people when we need to, and they can reach us when they need to — which has been huge for us. There have been a number of companies that have tried to approach us with comparable service, but no one has been able to match the quality of UScellular’s coverage,” says Mangan. The ability to manage all the company’s communication needs under one roof proved to be another selling point of UScellular’s offerings. “Not having to manage multiple vendors makes life easier for us,” he adds.

Looking ahead to the future of fleet management

Dave Jones Inc. always has its eye on the future of technology and how it can be leveraged to best serve its field service operations. Mangan says the company hopes to develop custom software projects using the tool’s open API over the next several years. Just like many field services companies, Dave Jones Inc. leans heavily on its internet connection to keep its business moving. As a result, it eagerly awaits the capabilities that 5G will bring, including even greater network reliability, speed and connectivity.

Fleet management and extensive network coverage are helping Dave Jones Inc. improve how it does business. As Mangan and his team plan for the future, the investment they have made in UScellular will continue to help them cut costs, operate more efficiently, improve safety and hold true to their company’s core values of excellence, a customer-centric focus and forward thinking.

“We’ve been able to save a bundle using fleet management from UScellular … and the solution itself costs about half as much as what we were using before. That’s a big impact for our company.” — Brian Mangan, IT Manager, Dave Jones Inc.

Customer Profile

Business Type:
• Plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, electrical services

IT Manager:
• Brian Mangan

Company Size:
• 480 employees

• Madison, Wisconsin

Challenges With Old Fleet Management Solution:
• Declining customer service
• High cost

UScellular Solutions:
• Fleet management for 222 vehicles
• Wireless network coverage supporting 650+ devices

Favorite Features:
• Expert customer support
• Vehicle tracking
• Extensive network coverage

• Slashed costs by half
• Reduced payroll staffing requirements
• Improved driver safety
• Extended life of existing fleet

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