Communicate Efficiently: Reach Your Employees Instantly with Push-to-Talk

You dial your tech to ask an important question, but it goes to voice mail. So you send him a text as well … and wait. Though, there’s no guarantee he’s getting your messages, so you could be waiting a while — potentially impacting customer experience. Multiply that time lost by an entire team, and it’s easy to see how playing phone tag or missing messages can cost you.

Push-to-Talk offers a better way to communicate with your team so you can get answers instantly — without the wait, or the worry.

Keep communication fast and efficient

Push-to-Talk allows you to add walkie-talkie functionality to any smart device without the expense of additional equipment. Simply click and talk for instant access to your techs. Instead of having to check for a text or voice mail alert, your techs hear you right away, so you can get answers immediately.

Increase productivity and improve customer service

Group-messaging capability allows you to communicate important messages to the whole team simultaneously — saving you time and increasing your productivity. On the flip side, Push-to-Talk also increases your team’s productivity since they receive messages faster. By keeping communications flowing in real time, you’ll be able to relay information to your customers quickly, ultimately improving service and satisfaction.

Safeguard your confidential data

Push-to-Talk encrypts your messages to shield against unwanted interception so that your sensitive data — and your customers’ data — is protected. Dedicated servers also provide an extra level of security so you can rest easy.

Communication is the key

It’s not just a matter of convenience — communication solutions like Push-to-Talk can help you keep employees happy and productive.

  • Companies and organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best employees.1
  • 71% of professionals say mobile apps give them peace of mind by providing timely updates on where work projects stand, and 66% feel work apps allow them to be more efficient.2

Communicate effectively and increase productivity with Push-to-Talk messaging, an instant, secure and cost-effective solution to get messages to and from the field.


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