Balance Resources and Workloads With Fleet Management

Person using deviceBalancing resources with customer demand can be a challenge. If you add techs and vehicles to handle the workload, will the increased expenses outweigh the benefits? If you try to handle the work with the resources you have, will your staff be overburdened to the point of arriving late or missing service calls? Staffing to meet customer needs is a complicated undertaking, and there’s no guarantee you’ve got the data you need to make the right call.

With fleet management technology working for you to collect needed data, optimize routes and help manage workloads, finding the right balance can be easy and rewarding.

Optimize routes for faster drive times

Fleet management solutions use GPS data to locate, monitor and track your fleet. This data is used to deliver routing insights that can help you maximize efficiency. By evaluating and proactively rearranging the stops in each route, this technology helps you save drive time and reduce mileage, while providing a more accurate picture of how much more work each tech can handle. And when new calls come in, you can instantly send re-optimized routes to your drivers — adjusting on the fly to complete more jobs.

Stay on schedule while making the most of resources

Customers expect reliability. By combining mobile time-tracking capability with GPS technology, not only will you know how long each job takes, but you’ll also be able to pinpoint driver locations — helping make sure everyone stays on schedule, and giving you the ability to keep customers informed with accurate arrival times.

Track data to find patterns

You can also set reports to deliver automatically via e-mail, allowing you to analyze critical data such as mileage, routes and time. You’ll be able to establish historical patterns so you can more accurately assign staff and vehicles to meet demand. With resources optimized for maximum efficiency, you can do more today and easily make a plan for growth tomorrow.

Fleet management makes a measurable impact

Fleet management provides the data and insight you need to make improvements that optimize your resources so you can operate as a well-oiled machine.

  • Fleet management offers a 10–15% increase in productivity.1
  • Fleet management reduces total miles driven by 5–10%.2

Fleet management helps you gain back minutes and hours of drive time, lower overtime, reduce mileage and decrease fuel costs — all while leveraging your existing resource investments and getting more work done.

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