Propane Monitoring Solutions Reduce Operating Costs and Improve Customer Loyalty

How much time and money do you spend responding to urgent calls of low propane tank levels? Do all your customers seem to call at the same time? Do you get to a customer only to find it was a false alarm and you’ve now spent money with no return on your expense?

Propane monitoring solutions eliminate the headaches of manual tank monitoring by reporting fuel levels at defined intervals for every tank and proactively notify customers that it’s time for a refill.

With cellular propane tank monitoring, emergency dispatch calls, meter read schedules and redundant truck rolls all go away. This makes you more efficient and profitable and keeps clients happy.

How It Works

Cellular propane sensors attach to existing R3D compatible propane dials and provide daily or hourly readings. You receive wireless verification that fuel levels are appropriate and safe, and monitoring can be accessed through a dashboard at any time. No more emergencies! Reallocate manhours spent maintaining your business to manhours growing your business.

Implementation is easy. Hardware installs in a few minutes and works with all tanks—even bulk tanks. The endpoint then collects levels and usage data from the gauge and transmits it via a cellular network to the user. Your customers can also view their tank levels and request refills via a branded app.

Benefits of most wireless propane tank monitors include:

  • Real-time tracking of tank levels from anywhere
  • Instant notifications on a smartphone when tanks reach pre-determined levels
  • Ability to view device statistics for usage history
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • See all tank monitors on a map
  • Integrates with current billing platforms

Better Use of Resources

When you see that a customer’s level is below 40% (or whatever level you determine), you can proactively contact that customer and agree to make a delivery on your schedule. Rather than respond immediately, you have time to continue monitoring levels while you watch neighboring tanks and then, to save on truck roll costs, consolidate your deliveries where possible to make better use of time and assets—important with driver shortages and high gasoline costs. In addition, daily level reporting means that you can see abnormal usage that may indicate a leak. Propane tank monitors quickly alert you to tank leaks before they become costly events for you and your customer.

With more efficient use of labor, and vehicle fuel and wear and tear, you might gain and retain more clients by providing competitive pricing and top customer service. They will be thrilled that you are watching out for them and never have to worry about the heat going out on a cold winter night.

Cellular monitors for propane tanks provide almost instant return on investment since they vastly reduce administrative hours spent manually processing bills and responding to calls. And, once deployed, there’s very little maintenance involved. Hardware withstands extreme weather, batteries can last 15 years or more and often have a 5-year, no-questions-asked warranty. Additionally, since the hardware attaches to the existing dials, it takes less than five minutes to install each unit.


UScellular provides a powerful nationwide network to ensure your monitors stay connected, no matter the location or environment. You’ll receive only one bill for all your UScellular services, and we stock Otodata monitors, eliminating the need for multiple vendor relationships.

Our tank-level monitors are unsurpassed for precision and dependability. They are controlled through a cloud portal that can provide new usage analytics and reporting to help you run your business more efficiently by reducing drop frequency and boosting drop size. We offer a hardware-as-a-service model that eliminates upfront hardware cost. Our local experts are on hand to support and guide you from pilot to production.

Speak with a UScellular local sales rep to learn more about our propane tank monitoring solutions and how you can get started. Contact 866-616-5587.


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